Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe

   Imagine you are in an old house by a lake. It is night and there is a wild storm outside, the wind screaming around the grey stone walls. Far below the house, in a gloomy vault, lies the dead body of the Lady Madeleine ill her coffin. In the room with you is her brother, looking at you with wild, mad eyes. Imagine this... and you are in the House of Usher.

   Turn the page, and a Black Hat is hanging by its neck from a tree. Turn another, and you will hear music as a thousand people sing and dance at a wonderful masked ball. You are now in the castle of Prince Prospero. Inside, all is light and life and pleasure, but outside the castle walls walks the terrible masked figure of the Red Death...

   These stories will take you into the shadowy world of the imagination, into a land of terror and dreams and madness.

   Don't read them alone!